Will facebook always be the best socialnetworking website

According to me,In my opinion its genuinely not possible because staying forever, can be thought as an imaginary concept.In this fast track moving world.But yes i do agree to the fact that yes it remained for really a good time because at present there is no such other alternative having amazing as well excellent features as it has indeed got.Few features which any other social networking site hasn't got yet.

Cool photo sharing and tagging option, which bring your near and dear ones more closer to you.Greatest achievement:-
video calling feature
Creating an event
Creating a page
Cool apps
Biggest of all privacy setting is remarkable, which contains the blocking option , A thumbs up for the mastermind blocking in privacy setting.

So at last we come to a final conclusion that as facebook is been followed by millions of followers.The compettetion for any other social networking site is quite difficult.Only such networking site will lead ahead, which has indeed got better features than facebook , which is difficult but yet not impossible, May be in the coming years facebook may get a good competitor.


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