Boost up your traffic by writing a book.

Yes guyz its possible to create traffic by writing e-book.!!! Just you have to do is open your wordpad and start writing your book and when your book is completed submit it to the website like http://www.getfreeebooks.com  Remember a thing that your main motive is to bring traffic to your blog or website so keep in mind to insert some backlinks to your blog or website ......!!!!!!  BACKLINKS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IF U POST A BOOK.


In my opinion you should not write everything which your site consist write a demo version of the valuable things.....!! To make visitors curious and come to your site you should write as for ex-"in this book i have not described all the points to view all the points you can visit my site" by this there are more chances to bring visitors to your site...!!!!ALL THE BEST


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