easiest money making tip for all

Now days every one wants to make money on internet my ideas are simple and easy, just what you need is to be calm and dedicated towards these steps i will describe below.

1.Money making by adf.ly    

Adfly is a free url shortening service.Here you get paid to share your links on internet,for this just you have to signup for a free account and start shrinking  your links.The revenue this site provides you is 4 dollars for 1000 views.The advantage of this site is that you can spread your short Adfly links anywhere like social networking sites your blog or website and earn easy money they also provide you a commission for referrals you bring.The money can be withdrawn from paypal or payza.if the payout reaches a minimum of 5 dollars.

2. Earn money by ebay 


Ebay is a online marketplace where people buy and sell stuffs.If you have a shop of costly stuffs on your city then you can spread your business on ebay too.Here you can also sell old,used stuffs like gadgets,vehicle,laptop etc.And if someone wants to purchase your stuff then he will easily contact you on your given details.In this site payments are made by paypal. 

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