what is guest posting?????

One of the effective ways to increase your traffic is by guest posting...!!The only limitation of this way is that, you have to find the sites which let their visitors to comment on it and is related to your category.(ITS DIFFICULT TO FIND BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE)

how this method works????
Suppose in a website a author writes a post which is related to your category of which your website is all about.You want to add some more points on that post to make it more simple.Just you do is write a comment on that post including some more informative points and provide the links of your blog or website on the comment option....!!!!
                                Now when the visitor on that site read the post, they will put a view on comments n if they find your post interesting they will come to the site by the links provided by you.

biggest mistake on guest posting????
suppose if a site is related to sports and you are commenting on that site to download free songs.No one will be interested in your comment as they are coming to the site for some sports category not songs.So keep in mind to choose a site for guest posting related to your nichi...!!

NOTE: You can not only do guest postings on website and blog there are many other ways like facebook fan page and articles....!!!!


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