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Social networking sites are now days very important for increasing traffic to any website.The reason for this is these sites have a very high page rank due to tons of visitors online,especially Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin etc.We can popularise any category of websites in these social networking sites.Today i will be discussing on how people use these social networking sites to increase their website visitors.

1.Increasing traffic by facebook. 

 It is the best social networking website ever been made.It has great importance in the world of internet.Now days many webmasters use Facebook to drive traffic to their websites.Their strategy is that they create a Facebook page for their websites or blogs,but the work is not finished yet.You have to manage to bring some likes in your page for that you have to work a little hard, you can also ask your friends and family members to like your page to increase your page likes.And if you have managed  in doing so then your hard work has come out with flying colours, enjoy receiving traffic to your website by your fb page.

2.Increasing traffic by twitter. 

In twitter we use tweet to share the things with our followers we can direct them to any other website by providing the links.Receiving followers in twitter is little hard as compared to Facebook .For that you can add a twitter like box widget as follow me in your websites or blogs.Remember to write some good and informative tweets to get more chances to be followed by the twitter users.

   3.Increasing traffic by linked in.
Try to make connections with the people related to your nichi, for that search for them and add then to your connection.Remember a thing more the people in your linkedin profile more the traffic by sharing status updates.Try to add some open groups related to your nichi and share your posts in it.


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