16 Biggest Facts Of Facebook Of All Time

 1.   According to latest market study 1 in every 12 people on this globe are present on facebook.

 2.   700 billion minutes are spended  by the users of facebook every month.

 3.   There are currently 17,000,000+  Facebook fan pages on facebook.

 4.   CEO of facebook mark zuckerberg calls himself a graduate from Harvard University. 

       The original fact is he didn't graduate he actually dropped out himself.


 5.   In 15 minutes 8000000 links are shared on facebook.

 6.   More than 70 translations is available on facebook.

 7.   Mark zuckerberg controls about 60% of voting power at Facebook.

 8.   Facebook engineers wanted to call awesome button instead of like button.

 9.   The average Facebook user has about 130 Friend.

10.  About 70% of facebook users are out the united states.

11.  Facebooks Worth would be more than Yahoo, eBay, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix and Pandora 

       combined, when it goes public.

12.  Mark zuckerberg among all his exceptional talents he is best in firing his employes.  

13.  20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook.

14.  In 20 minutes 1,600,000 wall posts are written.

15.  There is an approx of  2.7 billion “likes” per day on Facebook.

16.  Facebook has 3000+ employees.

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